Travis Cooper

Travis Cooper – Gay for Pay Porn Star

This 19 year old straight boy has never performed in straight or gay porn.  Travis is shy at first, and once you finally get him to open up, what a sexy deep voice he has. He’s not the talkative type, but you sure wish he was with a voice like that. Travis Cooper also comes across as “innocent and naive” and I guess you could say he is… after all, he is a virgin when it comes to having gay sex. Once he gets relaxed and feeling comfortable in his surroundings, his personality starts to shine. What a great guy to sit and chat with, well, okay… yes, I would like to be doing more than just chatting with him. Who wouldn’t? He’s got that straight guy look many of us find attractive. I doubt any of us would kick him out of bed! Wait till you see the package on this boy ;)

19 year old Travis Cooper barely starts to tug himself through the tighty whities he is wearing before I ask if I can bring in another model to work with him, “because you’re going to need to know how to be around gay guys;” and Travis hasn’t had any experience with guys, gay or otherwise. As Mikey comes in, I assure Travis of Mikey’s “small penis;” and I tell Travis that Mikey has been here a long time and is used to, “helping me with the new guys.” The look on Travis’ face at this point, is “priceless.” As you recall, I did tell Travis that,”Mikey is small;” okay, a large lie, but when Mikey gets naked, Travis takes one look and says “this is a small penis?” but manages to touch it, suck it, and even jack it off.

Travis Cooper First 3-Way

We have 3 sexy young men in the studio today. Travis Cooper and Jacob Jake, and everyone’s favorite gay boy Mikey, who has all the luck! He gets to do a video with both of these hot straight boys. You may recall Jacob, who started out with StraightRentBoys and has done other videos now with SDBoy and a couple other studios. This is the 2nd gay for pay video for Travis since what was supposed to be his “solo” debut. The scene starts out with the three of them on the couch and some “small talk.” We find out that Travis has never been in a 3-way, even with girls. Since Travis is sitting in the middle, he’s the center of attention to start off with. This video is a must see guys and it’s only the beginning of what’s to cum!

Travis Cooper – first time fucking a guy

The boys are back for a schooling in anal fucking. Mikey’s here as “the hole,” Jacob is back to see how many times he can cum and Travis is here for his first piece of boy ass. All three get hard and it is time to open up the futon and fuck. Mikey starts with Travis, while Jacob jerks, looking on. As Mikey is the perfect teacher in “how to plunder a hole,” he helps Travis insert and go.

As the camera breaks to a new scene, Mikey is riding Travis and we hear him say “fuck yeah, ride that fuckin’ dick.”. We see Mikey pulling at his cock, and then we hear “I’m gonna cum” from Mikey.  What a cumshot we get from Mikey! With Travis still inside Mikey and continues to rail him. Looks like Travis might have found his happy place. Next we hear Travis say “I’m cumming” as he pulls out and spews another sizeable load all over Mikey.

Travis Cooper Gets Fucked

Travis is working hard when it comes to the “ins and outs” of gay for pay porn. In this video, Travis gets fucked for the first time by Erik West who is well seasoned at taking virgin asses. Building up to it, Travis sucks on Erik’s cock and works on his balls. Then, Erik moans, “I wanna fuck you.” The two move into a doggie position and Erik slides in; Travis immediately grimaces. Being his first time taking a dick, Travis quips, “fuck no” when asked if he’s ever had a girl use a finger on him. Erik takes it slow and easy allowing Travis time to get used to the feeling. Travis grips the pillow as Erik whispers, “ah, you feel so fucking good.”

Skipping all the details in between, at the end of the video, Travis says he’s got the “tingles” inside. That’s because Erik fucked him right.

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