His Mother’s Lover

An All Male Erotic Film

Rock Candy Films and famed director Nica Noelle present the all-male erotic film “His Mother’s Lover” filled with emotional performances and passionate, real sex scenes. Set in the 1930′s, this cinematic film follows the story of a young man struggling with his homosexuality while attending an elite boarding school in England.

Prepare yourself for an erotic and emotional roller coaster ride of high’s and lows that will tug at your heart and have you tugging on your cock.

What young gay college boy wouldn’t think he died and went to heaven attending an all boys boarding school? Perhaps a young man struggling with his homosexuality and the fear of being discovered. Allow me to introduce you to Robert, played by Chase Austin.

While in school, Robert finds himself attracted to one of the older students played by Travis Irons. The two of them sneak away to a storage room where things get heated up only to be discovered by the Headmaster. Robert is summoned to the Headmaster’s office for reprimand. The Headmaster sits down with Robert and explains how he understands that young men have urges, their judgement is impaired and mistakes are made. He goes on to say this is called:

“the heat of the moment… wasn’t planned, wasn’t thought out, it just, happened.”

As punishment, the Headmaster informs Robert that a 4 week suspension will start tomorrow and a flogging that will commence immediately.  He tells Robert (Chase Austin) to drop his pants and bend over his desk.

Watch and listen, there’s no acting or fake flogging goin’ on here!

Watching this scene, you can’t help but wonder about the Headmaster and what he has done in the “heat of the moment” himself. What sort of skeletons will we find in his closet? Is that a woody we see in his pants as he delivers the flogging to Roberts sweet, tender ass covered in beautiful blond peach fuzz? Does the Headmaster appear to be taking a bit too much pleasure in flogging Robert? You be the judge. Watch the movie.

As we find out, not all is a “bed of roses” back on the home front for Robert. Roberts father is no longer among the living and there’s tension between his mother and his older brother Jeremy. It’s not clear as to whether their father’s death was an accident or he committed suicide. Jeremy was the one that discovered their father dead from a gunshot to his temporal lobe. Their mother (Magdalene St. Michaels) claims that it was an accident, stating the father was cleaning his gun when it accidentally went off and killed him.  Jeremy thinks otherwise considering the location of the gunshot. But why would their father commit suicide? Find out the truth behind their fathers death.

Upon Roberts return home, he is greeted at the door by his mother, played by Magdalene St. Michaels and her younger fiance Daniel, played by Boston Miles. From the moment their eyes meet in this scene, to the looks across the dinner table, it’s all too obvious that it’s only a matter of time for Robert and Daniel. Who will be the first to make a move?

After his shower, Robert steps out of the bathroom wrapped only in a towel on his way to his bedroom when he his met by Daniel in the hallway. The two are speechless as they look into one another’s eyes, Daniel trying to resist the temptation to take Robert into his arms. I can’t help but think of that famous line from StarTrek… “resistance is futile.”

Daniel slowly removes his glasses and caresses Roberts face with his hand as the two men step into one another. We hear the music swell and in what can only be described as “the heat of the moment,” they begin to kiss in what is one of the most “real life” kissing scenes to ever hit the big screen. The passion these men bring to the screen is intense and never ending throughout the entire sex scene.

What started in the hall moves into the bedroom. The two men continue kissing as Roberts towel comes off as well as Daniels clothes. What follows is a spectacular love making scene that will have your cock and balls aching for release.

Chase Austin and Boston Miles deliver one of the most stunning performances ever to hit the gay porn screen in “His Mother’s Lover.”


With gorgeous cinematography, rich, emotional performances by the entire cast and passionate, real sex scenes, famed director Nica Noelle has set a new standard in all-male erotic film.

Watch the trailer from “His Mother’s Lover” below…

AEBN vice president Jerry Anders said, “This is an exciting new direction for Nica and we’re glad to the the ones accompanying her. When she told us she wanted to do an all-male movie, we knew it would be something special. We expect gay erotica fans will love her work just as much as her fans on the straight side do.”

Noelle added, “In my opinion sexual love between men has yet to be fully explored in adult cinema, as these romances are among the most emotionally rich and compelling. This is my hopeful attempt to bring the beauty and passion of men loving men to the forefront of erotic film, and I couldn’t have asked for a more exceptional cast. Making ‘His Mother’s Lover’ was truly a life-changing event for me.”

Noelle added “This film is so special to me for so many reasons, it’s the realization of a long-time dream and I’m deeply grateful to AEBN and to Jerry for giving me this opportunity.”

Other scenes from “His Mother’s Lover” featuring Tyler Sweet, Travis Irons and Brenden Cage at the boarding school.

Watch His Mother’s Lover Now

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