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When asked to review GayRoom and the sites included in the network, I can honestly say I was pleasantly surprised. After logging into the members area, I found myself in a sea of hot gay hunks and young straight men in every conceivable situation. From group sex in a bathhouse to straight guys having their first gay sex experience to filming themselves jerking off for their girlfriends. The action, guys, scenarios and everything in between is nothing short of exceptional. Watch the visual site review below and take a peek inside the GayRoom.

The sites included in the GayRoom network are Bath House Bait, Boys Destroyed, Damn That’s Big, Gay Creeps, Massage Bait, Office Cock, Out Him and GayInvasion. The designer(s) did a nice job of laying the site out and you’ll find it easy to navigate and get around. The links across the top include Scenes (all videos), Guys, Sites, Search, Categories, Live Cams, Gay Dating and Special Deals. However, you’ll find all of the Sites in a drop down menu on the left along with a drop down for Categories and the Guys making it easy to select with the click of your mouse. Over on the right side of the members home page you’ll find the Top Rated Guys and  Top Rated Scenes.

I found GayRoom to be a great site overall and entertaining when watching the clips from GayViolations. These unsuspecting pedestrians get caught with their pants down or get pulled down referred to as sharking, caught giving blowjobs in public places or condoms filled with fresh cum thrown at them. The clips are typically short, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy watching them just as I did.

As for the videos, when you first enter the members area, the home page has all of the latest scenes listed first with 24 per page. The quality of the videos is as good as it gets. You couldn’t ask for anything better and when it comes to streaming, the buffer speeds are more than adequate. Below each video, they’ve separated the scenes into parts for you so that you can easily see and jump to the action you’re interested in watching. If you choose to download them, the options are MPG, MP4 or WMV and the download links are located at the bottom of the viewing screen.

On the video page, you’ll see the links for Screencaps and HQ Pictures just above the viewing screen. I actually can’t recall ever having the choice of both Screencap’s and HQ Pictures available on other sites. But, if you’re a photo buff, you’ll definitely be pleased with the clarity and detail of the HQ Pictures and having the screencaps is just an added bonus. Most sets contain well over 200 photos that you can view online at 850×567 or enlarge them to 1500×1000. Downloading the sets in a zip file even at 200 & 300MB is a breeze. The smallest set I download was 234MB and I maxed out at just over 1700 KB/s. So no complaints about the download speeds on GayRoom.

If you’re into the 20 to 30 year old muscular and physically fit guys, you’re going to feel like a kid in a candy store. You won’t find a lot of the “twinkish” boys, these are more the “twunk” type. Andy Taylor, Stefan Nash and Billy London were about as close to a twink that I found. For the most part, the models are older appearing as in the mid to late 20′s with physically fit bodies. Some shaven, trimmed, naturally smooth to little body hair or a nice short pile carpet. Being the “ass man” that I am and love looking at great rear ends, it was tender juicy “rump roast” all the way. If you’re the kind of guy that’s more into “what’s under the hood,” most of the guys come fitted with a big V8 and well tuned. If you want the bigger V10 under the hood, check out the scenes from Damn Thats Big and Boys Destroyed.

If I had to find fault with GayRoom, they made it very easy. When you click on a video to watch, it has the Title of the scene and Starring the main actors name only. They don’t give you the name of the other model anywhere on the page or in the scene description. It would be nice to know all actors in the scene in case you wanted to look them up and see other videos they have appeared in on the site. For me personally, that’s the only thing I could find fault in.

For example, I had watched… err… reviewed <wink> one particular video titled “Personal Inspector” starring Andy Taylor from Damn That’s Big. Not taking anything away from Andy, he’s is a nice looking kid, but his co-star is who got my motor running. I wanted to know who the muscular security guard was so I could watch his videos. The only way I could find out, would be to hunt & peck through all of the models in the Guys section. All 11 pages with 24 models listed per page. As much as I would love to know who he was and see his other videos, I didn’t have the time. Here are some pictures of him below so you know who I’m talking about.

A quick rundown on the sites included with your membership…

  1. Bath House Bait features mostly group sex in saunas, jacuzzis, swings, fuck rooms, glory holes, pools, showers and locker rooms.
  2. Boys Destroyed centers around Black on White gay sex featuring Izzy James and his big black mamba tearing up some white ass.
  3. Damn Thats Big features big cocks including some 10+ inchers that are guaranteed to split any asshole.
  4. The theme behind Gay Creeps is gay guys converting their straight roommates or at least try gay sex for the first time.
  5. Gay Violations centers around guys having sex in public places and getting caught, sex pranks and guys violated in public.
  6. The theme behind Massage Bait takes you into the world of gay masseuse taking advantage of straight guys.
  7. Office Cock is all about corporate gay sex with men in business suits and attire having sex at the office.
  8. The theme behind Out Him is about straight guys and their secret lives… “straight at home but gay online.”

When it comes to what I liked most, there are 2 things that stand out.
1) The guys that appear on the site and,
2) The PRICE!! $95.40 for a 1 year subscription ($7.95/month) is awesome for what they deliver. I don’t know how long that price is good for, I didn’t see an expiration date. But if you’ve got it in the budget, go for it! The $24.95/month price is inline with most other membership sites, but that 1 year deal is definitely the best way to go.

Take the GayRoom Free Tour and see for yourself… I think you’ll agree!

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